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3592-C-IV/2022Transfer/ PostingTransfer of Mr. Tahir Abbas, Additional Collector (BS-19)25-Nov-2022 Download
3604-C-II/2022Transfer and PostingTransfer and Posting of PCS/BS-17 & 18 Officers25-Nov-2022 Download
3600-IR-I/2022(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Amjad Farooq (IRS/BS-20)25-Nov-2022 Download
3372-IR-I/2022(Modification of Minor Penalty)Modification of Minor Penalty in respect of Mr. Muhammad Saleem (IRS/BS-19)25-Nov-2022 Download
3593-C-III/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Basharat, Superintendent (BS-17)25-Nov-2022 Download
3598-IR-I/2022(Chare Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Bilal Hassan (IRS/BS-19)25-Nov-2022 Download
3597-IR-I/2022(Transfer / Posting)Transfer / Posting of BS-19/20 Officers of IRS25-Nov-2022 Download
3594-C-I/2022Change of NameChange of Name of Mr. Karam Elahi, PCS/BS-1925-Nov-2022 Download
3595-C-I/2022Transfer and Posting Transfers and Postings of PCS/BS-20 Officers 25-Nov-2022 Download
3591-C-II/2022Transfer and PostingTransfer and Posting of PCS/BS-19 & 20 Officers24-Nov-2022 Download
3588-C-IV/2022Transfer/ PostingTransfer of Syed Momin Hussain Shah, Inspector Customs (BS-16)24-Nov-2022 Download
3590-C-IV/2022(Suspension)Suspension of Mr. Irshad Hussain Qaisrani, Inspector Customs (BS-16), Collectorate of Customs (Enforcement), Multan24-Nov-2022 Download
3585-C-II/2022Charge Relinquished / AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of PCS/BS-17 Officers of 49th CTP24-Nov-2022 Download
3587-IR-II/2022(Transfer/Posting)Transfer/Posting of IRS/BS-18 officers24-Nov-2022 Download
3578-IR-VI/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Sabz Ali, Office Superintendent (BS-16) RTO, Pehawar.24-Nov-2022 Download
3580-IR-VI/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Ghulam Nabi, Office Superintendent (BS-16) RTO, Multan. 24-Nov-2022 Download
3579-IR-VI/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Faiz Ahmed, Office Superintendent (BS-16) CTO, Lahore.24-Nov-2022 Download
3411-IR-III/2022RetirementRetirement of Mr. Nadeem Ashraf Baig, Assistant Director (Audit)/BS-1824-Nov-2022 Download
3555-IR-III/2022RetirementRetirement of Mr. Nasar Ahmed Siddiqi, MIS Officer (BS-16)24-Nov-2022 Download
3582-IR-IV/2022(Transfer/ Posting)Transfer/ Posting of Mr. Liaqat Ali, Inspector-IR (BS-16).24-Nov-2022 Download
3562-IR-III/2022(Discontinuation of Performance Allowance)Discontinuation of Performance Allowance of Mr. Naseer Iqbal, Senior Auditor (BS-16)23-Nov-2022 Download
3577-IR-I/2022(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Mohammed Nasser Janjua (IRS/BS-20)23-Nov-2022 Download
3557-IR-I/2022(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Fida Muhammad (IRS/BS-19)23-Nov-2022 Download
3573-IR-II/2022(Charge Relinquishment/Assumption)Charge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Mastoor Najeeb (IRS/BS-17)23-Nov-2022 Download
3574-IR-IV/2022(Minor Penalty)Imposition of Minor Penalty upon Mr. Naeem Abbas, IIR, RTO, Sukkur23-Nov-2022 Download
3448-IR-III/2022Transfer/ PostingTransfer/ Posting of Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaq, MIS Officer (BS-16)23-Nov-2022 Download
3575-IR-IV/2022(Superannuation/ Retirement)Superannuation Retirement of Mr. Jehangir Ahmed, IRO (BS-16), RTO, Faisalabad23-Nov-2022 Download
3576-C-I/2022(Restoration of Performance Allowance)Restoration of Performance Allowance in respect of Mr. Karam Elahi (PCS/BS-19)23-Nov-2022 Download
3563-IR-VI/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Manzoor, Office Superintendent (BS-16), RTO, Sargodha.23-Nov-2022 Download
3572-C-IV/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Arshad Hussain Qureshi, Inspector (BS-16), Collectorate of Customs Enforcement, Multan23-Nov-2022 Download
3569-C-IV/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Inspector (BS-16), Collectorate of Customs Appraisement, Lahore23-Nov-2022 Download
3566-IR-VI/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Syed Asif Hussain, Office Superintendent RTO-II Karachi. 22-Nov-2022 Download
3564-IR-VI/2022(Retirement)Retirement of Syed Jaffar Ali Kazmi, Office Superintendent (BS-16), RTO, Multan22-Nov-2022 Download
3568-C-I/2022Look After Look after Charge of Ms. Rabab Sikandar (PCS/BS-21)22-Nov-2022 Download
3498-C-IV/2022(Performance Allowance)Grant of Performance Allowance of Mr. Farooq Anjum, Inspector, Collectoctorate of Customs (AIIA), Lahore.22-Nov-2022 Download
3561-IR-I/2022(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Irshad Hussain (IRS/BS-20)22-Nov-2022 Download
3565-IR-IV/2022(Transfer/ Posting)Transfer/ Posting of Mr. Abdul Aziz, Inspector-IR (BS-16)22-Nov-2022 Download
3554-IR-I/2022(Additional Charge)Additional Charge to Mr. Aamer Amin Bhatti (IRS/BS-20)21-Nov-2022 Download
3551-C-IV/2022(Death Notification)Death Notification of Hafiz Muhammad Mubashir, Inspector (BS-16), Collectorate of Customs Enforcement, Lahore.21-Nov-2022 Download
3547-C-IV/2022(Exoneration)Exoneration of Mr. Munir Afzal, Inspector Customs (BS-16), Collectorate of Customs, Islamabad21-Nov-2022 Download
3505-C-IV/2022(Minor Penalty)Imposition of minor penalty upon Mirza Mazhar Masood, Inspector, Collectorate of Customs Appraisement, Lahore21-Nov-2022 Download
3550-IR-IV/2022(Major Penalty)Imposition of Major Penalty of 'Removal From Service' upon Ms. Mahjabeen Akhtar, Inspector, RTO, Islamabad21-Nov-2022 Download
3552-IR-I/2022(Transfer & Posting)Transfer / Posting of BS-19 Officers of IRS21-Nov-2022 Download