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2423-C-II/2019(Look After Charge / Withdrawl of Notification)Look After Charge to Mr. Afzal Mahmood, Cost Accountant (BS-18) & Withdrawl of Notification No: 2015-C-II/2019 dated 05.08.201913-Sep-2019 Download
2422-C-I/2019(Transfers and Postings)Transfers and Postings of PCS (BS17-19)13-Sep-2019 Download
2421-IR-I/2019(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Rehan Safdar (IRS/BS-19)13-Sep-2019 Download
2415-IR-I/2019(Transfer/Posting)Transfer/Posting of BS-19/20 Officers of IRS12-Sep-2019 Download
2414-IR-I/2019(Transfer/Posting)Transfer / Posting of BS-19 Officers of IRS12-Sep-2019 Download
2413-IR-I/2019(Trasnfer/Posting)Transfer/Posting of Officers of IRS.12-Sep-2019 Download
2411-IR-I/2019(Additional Charge)Additional Charge of the post of Director General (BTB)12-Sep-2019 Download
2408-C-I/2019(Restoration of Performance Allowance)Restoration of Performance Allowance of Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Rafiq, PCS/BS-1912-Sep-2019 Download
2405-IR-I/2019(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Basit Saleem Shah (IRS/BS-19)12-Sep-2019 Download
2402-IR-I/2019(Additional Charge)Additional Charge Assigned to IRS/BS-20 Officers12-Sep-2019 Download
2399-C-I/2019Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Muhammad Saleem, PCS/BS-2012-Sep-2019 Download
2398-C-II/2019(Look After Charge)Look After Charge to Mr. Mohsin Ali Soomro, Chief Accounts Officer (BS-18)11-Sep-2019 Download
2386-C-I/2019(Restoration of Performance Allowance)Restoration of Performance Allowance of Mr. Adnan Iqbal Sawati , PCS/BS-1911-Sep-2019 Download
2300-C-IV/2019(Retirement)Retirement of Muhammad Khalid Khan, Inspector (BS-16), MCC (Preventive), Peshawar11-Sep-2019 Download
2387-IR-I/2019(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Ms. Kiran Sarfraz Khan (IRS/BS-20)11-Sep-2019 Download
2385-IR-I/2019(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Muhammad Tariq Jamal Khattak (IRS/BS-20)11-Sep-2019 Download
2379-C-III/2019Voluntary RetirementVoluntary retirement of Mr. Mazar Abbas Butter, Deputy Superintendent (BS-16), MCC (Preventive), Lahore11-Sep-2019 Download